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Auckland Libraries Stories is a blog project that's designed to profile the events, services and staff at Auckland Libraries, a regionwide system of community libraries in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Aucklanders using the library.

Our purpose is to connect the diverse peoples and communities of Auckland with the world of information, knowledge and ideas, providing opportunities to grow through inspiration, innovation and creativity.

Libraries across Auckland strive to provide democratic access to books, multimedia and research tools, while also exploring new ways to discover technology, culture and community. The modern library has changed and we’re changing with it. The needs of Aucklanders are diversifying and we're working hard to meet them.

We hope this blog is a simple way to share Auckland Libraries' programmes and services, and to introduce the librarians who make it all happen.

These are Auckland Libraries' Stories.

Te Kauroa – Future Directions

This is a time of transition and change for libraries worldwide. The future of libraries - whether they are still needed, what form they should take, and what value they add - is the subject of widespread discussion and debate. Auckland Libraries can learn from other libraries but we also have much to offer by way of leadership and innovation.

Te Kauroa - Future Directions is the guiding document that will help us to manage this transition during the next 10 years. Auckland Libraries Stories is informed by this document and aims to illustrate the ways in which we are striving to fulfil its commitment to Aucklanders.

Read Te Kauroa - Future Directions on the Auckland Libraries website.

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