21 October 2015

Libraries' submissions help to lift Into the River restrictions

Auckland Libraries has welcomed The Film and Literature Classification Board of Review's decision to remove any age restrictions on Ted Dawe’s young adult novel Into the river.

An Interim Restriction Order, making it illegal to sell or distribute the novel in New Zealand, was placed on the book in September, after a complaint from the organisation Family First New Zealand. Prior to this, the award winning novel had been rated R14, also in response to a complaint from Family First.

General Manager, Libraries and Information Allison Dobbie submitted on behalf of Auckland Libraries to the Classification Board of Review in support of the book, on the basis that the work should be unrestricted. A supplementary submission, in response to comments made by Family First to Libraries' original submission, was also provided.

You can read the first full Auckland Libraries submission here, and the supplementary response here.

Auckland Libraries’ Manager, Regional Collections, Louise LaHatte said Libraries were pleased with the decision.

"We welcome the board’s decision to lift the restriction on Ted Dawe’s Into the river. We immediately began making copies available across our region’s network of libraries. We have a long list of requests, and customers who have been waiting will start to get notices advising they can pick it up from their local library.”

At the time of publication, there were 110 holds on Into the river.

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